James McKechnie* - Graduate of Kingston School of Art (2018) Based in London (UK) Full CV and portfolio available on request :) 

| T +44 (0) 7857443680 | James.mckechnie96@gmail.com | @James_Mckechnie


001 Hello, Playful blocks.002 States of Change- A publication for States of Change Exhibition. 003 Love is Stronger than Homophobia- Scarves campaigning against homophobia for the Russian 2018 World Cup. With Emma Clarke, Aiden Miller + Jemma Warrington.  004 In the Nature of Discord- An 800 page catalogue documenting the specimens at the Grant Museum of Zoology. With Aiden Miller 005 Debris + Delight- A Publication documenting the playfulness of construction sites. 006 Traffic- A publication for Photographer Otto Saner, Documenting the working life of Alex Pahomi. 007 Ante.Meridiem- A photographic book for Otto Saner, documenting early morning markets. 008 Practice, Practice- A series of instructions. 009 Moiré- Look book design and art direction for Jess Westons graduating collection. Designed with Lydia Barba,Photography by Jay Russell 010 Made as Found- A public bench inspired by Richard Wentworth’s photographic series ‘Making do and Getting by’ 011 Intervention of Space- Poster for Jacob Blackaller’s exxhibtion. With Sammie Purulak. 012 Any Object is an Existing Object- A catalogue documenting the work of Fine Arttist Jacob Blackaller. With Sammie Purulak. 014 Sydney Event Posters, Posters for Syndeys Live Events and Launch Party.014 Sydney, Ode to eSwatini- Record Artwork and Design